Friday 17th July
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. At what wind speed does the Firewinder® start making light?
Firewinder® begins to transform wind into light in a light breeze. The Beaufort Scale puts a light breeze at about 4-7mph.

Beaufort scale table showing that the Firewinder® can be used safely in winds of up to 38mph speed or otherwise rated as a 'moderate gale'.

Image adapted from "Winds of Change" educational CD-ROM,
Copyright Caltech and NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory

2. Do you have to use the mounting brackets to install Firewinder®?
We recommend the use of the mounting brackets to give the optimum performance and maximum lifespan of the product. Use of the mounting brackets also allows you to take down your Firewinder® quickly and easily should very bad weather be forecast.

3. In what conditions should I take down Firewinder®?
This is a very subjective question. Naturally what is extreme for some might be normal for others. Although Firewinder® has been successfully tested in extreme conditions; we recommend that for a long life the product is not operated:
• in winds over 40 mph
• in torrential rain or storm conditions

4. Is Firewinder safe to use?
Firewinder has been rigorously tested by the UK’s leading independent quality assurance company whose business is solely focused within general consumer products and exceeds the European standards and directives required and can therefore carry CE certification. Used as recommended Firewinder should therefore be safe to operate, but please be aware of the unpredictable nature of the weather.

5. Why does the Firewinder® only make light in the wind?
The Firewinder® is designed to transform wind into light to enable the visualisation of the energy in the wind, as a never-ending upward spiralling helix of light, which is meant to mesmerise and delight all who experience it. Part of the magic of the Firewinder® is that all light produced is directly powered by the wind – a force completely under the control of nature and equally out of the hands of man. Therefore, when there is no wind and the weather is calm, Firewinder® sits in tranquillity with is surroundings, emitting no light whatsoever. But when the wind blows and change is in the air, from a gentle breeze Firewinder® creates a spiralling glow. Harnessing a strong wind Firewinder® produces a silent but magical wind-powered firework show demonstrating the spectacle that can be renewable energy.

6. How do I choose the best place to install my Firewinder®?
The windiest location is not always necessarily the best, most accessible or desirable location to install your Firewinder®. In order to get the best performance and enjoyment, it is essential that you choose a location which is exposed to regular and reasonably strong winds. The best way to choose a location is to experiment by testing your Firewinder® in several locations - carefully of course - while the wind is blowing. Although predominantly a product of the dusk and dark, be sure to install your Firewinder® in good daylight. Firewinder® must be installed by an adult and in strict accordance with supplied installation instructions.

As a guide you may find it useful to view our installation video where Inventor Tom Lawton installs are Firewinder in a typical garden location.

7. How long will a Firewinder® last?
This again is a very subjective question. We have made all possible efforts to make the Firewinder® as efficient and well-built as possible with use of top-quality components. We expect that if used in accordance with our operating guidelines, Firewinder® customer will be able to enjoy it for many years. Operating Firewinder outside our guidelines may lead to a reduced product lifespan. At the end of its life the product can be easily disassembled to enable the separation of the plastic components for recycling.

8. Does Firewinder® come with a warranty?
Every Firewinder® is comprehensively checked for quality assurance and performance during the manufacturing process. In the unlikely event that Firewinder® does not light up when removed for the first time from its packaging and given a firm spin by hand, then we undertake to replace it or refund you. You must contact us immediately if this is the case.

Given the varied nature of the weather around the world we do not offer an operational warranty at this time.

9. Is a Firewinder® recyclable?
Yes - all of Firewinder’s plastic components are recyclable and have been labelled according to ISO international symbols for plastics – so that you know exactly what you're recycling. The product has also been designed for easy disassembly so that once it has fulfilled its useful life it can be recycled to create the material for other products. For some products the plastic lids from the packaging are not labelled with the material type, for the purpose of recycling, please note that this material is Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE).

10. Does a Firewinder® work under water?
No. Firewinder® does not work underwater. It has been designed to be weatherproof in accordance with our guidelines of operation, but might not work if it is submerged in water and should always be installed upright and off the ground.

11. Can I buy the Firewinder® in different colours and sizes?
The first generation Firewinder® comes in two-tone olive green echoing its sustainable and environmental position. In the future, Firewinder® will be available in a variety of colour combinations and sizes for different applications – please click here to sign up to our newsletter to keep up with new Firewinder® products in our range.

12. Does Firewinder® ship with everything I need to install it?
Firewinder® comes with the mounting brackets and quick release pin. We do not supply any bolts or screws with which to attach the brackets - because there is such a large variety in the surfaces to which you might want to attach Firewinder® to, we do not want to provide equipment that would not be used and therefore be wasteful.

If you have any more questions that are not on this list then please contact us and we'll try to help.