Sunday 28th March
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Picture of an Yin Yang symbol
Man and nature need a
balance of harmony in
order for us both to survive.
Product Features

Putting the environment first

Firewinder® requires no external power supply or batteries and burns no fuel.

Firewinder® is leading a new generation of 'naturally powered' products which operate entirely by sustainable means to create a meaningful and inspirational connection between art, science & technology, nature & man.

Used in average UK wind conditions, Firewinder® is expected to keep illuminating for many years. At the end of the useful product life, Firewinder® can be easily disassembled for recycling (all plastic parts are labelled according to ISO recycling symbols).

The new wave of eco-awareness

Since the advent of the electric light bulb the world has lit up, at the flick of a switch, to burn an insatiable fire of fossil fuels. The world simply cannot sustain itself by continuing in the direction it is heading.

While Firewinder® is not going to single-handedly solve the world's energy problems; it does promote the positivity of using renewable and energies as a future alternative, serving as a beacon for a new wave of eco-awareness and sustainability.

Do your bit - 21 practical ways to be friendly to Mother Earth!

1. Put a brick in your toilet tank and save litres of water every time you flush
2. Skip the energy-hogging clothes dryer for a drying rack or clothes line
3. Use rechargeable batteries instead of single-use batteries
4. If given the choice, go for organic fruits, veggies, meat and dairy over conventional food
5. Shop at your local farm shop - eating local produce makes more sense than buying organic
6. Get a real human-powered lawn mower and use a rolling floor sweeper or brush indoors
7. Compost your garbage instead of throwing it away
8. Buy clothes and other linens made from organic cotton
9. Ride a bicycle as often and wherever you can
10. Use eco-friendly household cleaners
11. If you drive, keep you tyres properly inflated; it saves money, wear, gas and pollution
12. Use compact fluorescent bulbs in stead of traditional incandescent bulbs
13. Fill your house full of as many products made from bamboo as possible
14. Use draft excluders at the base of your doors – to save money and energy
15. Get a programmable thermostat to efficiently regulate your indoor climate
16. Use reusable food containers for leftovers and lunches - instead of miles of food wrap
17. Get a rainwater storage tank to water the plants in your garden
18. Instead of buying bottled water – use a water filter and keep refilling an old plastic bottle
19. Don't buy cut flowers – go for a potted version instead
20. Use a low-flow showerhead and save gallons of water each time you use it
21. Use recycled paper. There is no need to use virgin paper for everything!

These are just a start, do your research and you’ll find you can save money and the environment.

Finally, enjoy the natural wonder of Firewinder®, by hanging one in your garden and doing away with power hungry decorative outdoor lights!