Thursday 20th August
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Firewinder® Original - 100% wind-powered decorative outdoor light.
			- Innovative 'eco'-designed light visualises the energy in the wind. Reacts to subtle variations in wind speed, the faster it blows, the brighter Firewinder glows. - 14 ultra bright LED lights. Create an amazing spiralling light effect, visible from distances of over 250m in strong winds. - 100% wind-powered operation. Requires no batteries, mains power or wiring. - Helical wing captures the wind, any way the wind blows. Vertical axis form maximises use of windy hours, requiring no directional orientation on installation. - Advanced lightweight materials used to capture the lightest breeze. Creates cool light effects from winds of 4 to 7mph. - Clean and green power generator. Harnesses renewable energy, whenever the wind blows. - Maximum use of recyclable materials. Designed to be disassembled for life after Firewinder. - Weather resistant design. Firewinder is designed to love the elements. Stainless steel fixing points. High performance fixtures for hanging also interlock with aluminium brackets for durable installation on a post or wall. - Quick-release mounting system. Simple and sturdy installation with quick-release removal. Available to order now for only £99.95 including VAT (excludes delivery charges)