Sunday 2nd August
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The Original Windlight
<img alt="Firewinder Original" src="images/pages/fw_slow_spin_still.jpg" width="120" height="320">

Firewinder® is The Original Windlight™ – A decorative, 100% wind-powered outdoor light which harnesses the power of the wind from whichever direction it blows, to create a simple yet magical visual effect with a universal appeal.

Easy to install, you simply mount it on a tree in your garden, on your roof terrace or attach to a post or wall and watch it light up and glow every time the wind blows!

Firewinder's patent pending technology elegantly transforms wind into light to enable the visualisation of the abundantly free energy in the wind as a mesmerising, endlessly upward spiralling helix of light.

Firewinder® magically breathes with the wind - in low winds the lights shine with a dim intensity and as wind speeds increase, the faster it spins and the brighter it shines, creating a pulsing, twisting glow in varying and inconsistent wind speeds.

Firewinder® is a British invention, with worldwide patent pending and designs registered.

Product Demonstration Video - Click here to view movie

Glowing in the darkness if there could be, harmony with nature like a breeze through a tree, a spiralling light breathing gentle relief, harnessing the wind to fuel a flame of belief. The illuminating magic of the Firewinder, twist out of the earth and weaves back inside her.
The Universal Appeal of Wind Light!

Firewinder® brings a sense of natural wonder and magic to people of any age, and appeals to everyone in a similar way to how a candle 'attracts and delights' and a firework 'mesmerises and excites'.

Firewinder's contagious eco-magic spreads, not because of environmental messages enforced by governments or pressure groups, but because it empowers and excites all who experience it. Firewinder® fuels a desire and a feeling of belonging to the Earth, encouraging an infectious yet joyful responsibility towards the environment.

The simple transformation of wind into light in your garden is enough to blow away your blues, especially in the long dark nights of winter. Firewinder® also provides a gentle relief to urban landscapes, which are often deficient of simple natural wonders.

Firewinder® performs equally well in remote, isolated locations, delivering light and enjoyment in places which become dark and uninviting during bad weather or at night time.

NOTE: Product images shown are for illustration only.